Población is now synonymous to small but quirky and beautifully designed places to hang out at. Gayuma is the latest one to be part of the community. Gayuma, in the local language is the name given to a love potion, an aphrodisiac, a magic concoction specifically created to incite, induce and amplify passion and love. Whether that love is directed to a person or food, I’m not so sure but I do know that I’m already under the spell of Gayuma – the restaurant.

Located along Polaris street, just directly across that place that has the motorcycles and rock music, Gayuma seems to be the polar opposite of that place. It’s cozy, chill and allows you to slowly sink in and marinade in good food – and maybe drown in their signature drink. I mean that almost literally because the glass is so huge you can get a 2 ducklings and they can have a swimming party in it. All that for 150 pesos only! Love, after all, is generous. To match that swimming pool of a drink, I highly recommend their pampabatang crispy pata and their chicharong bulaklak.

Gayuma is open for parties, events and team dinners. Some nights they have a manghuhula who will read your cards for you and some nights, people just hang out and jam to the tunes. Gayuma may just yet, make you fall in love over and over again.

Gayuma is located at the Ground Floor of Azotea Suites, Polaris Street, Poblacion, Makati.(0917) 634-2080
Instagram: @magicofgayuma