Special Cakes for Special Events

By: Alyana Laddaran


Equipped with a talented team of experts, Hearts and Bells is now here to usher us into the age of out-of-the-box wedding cakes. From a towering five layer adorned with shimmering lights to a colorful Starbucks cake for all coffee lovers out there, the company aims to provide you with a wedding cake you will never forget.


It’s understandable why the word ‘customize’ is often met with a groan–just the thought of the lengthy, back-breaking process makes you want to opt for the traditional white wedding cake instead. Fear not, for with Hearts and Bells, it’s as easy as one, two, three! First, take your pick from a wide array of cake flavors such as chocolate, carrot, vanilla and red velvet (for those who are indecisive, you can choose to mix and match). Then, sit down with one of our artists and discuss your design. Floral? Crystals? A Frozen-themed cake with a dancing Olaf on top? Coming right up.


The fact that Hearts and Bells is just as committed as you are to your big day is what makes the task of selecting your cake so simple. We work around the clock to come up with unique designs for you to choose from and constantly keep in touch up until your wedding day. The company also ensures that the cakes come in the best quality and affordable prices.

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Bid farewell to months of stress and leave the planning and decorating of your cake to Hearts and Bells. Having collected numerous accolades over the years for top cake booker, there is no doubt that you will be in good hands.


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