If there was something that can be said about Anna Sui is that the brand is absolutely brilliant. At least in my opinion, that is. The attraction to what is glittery, shiny and colourful has a limit with a certain age range – although it is 2018 and even 60 year olds can dress up in full puffy tutus if they want to. But you know what I mean, right? There is a certain saturation to how cute one is willing to take and endure. Anna Sui has the utmost brilliance to create an enthralling glamorous whimsical scent.

In the sit down event held at the Bizu Catering Studio, the Art of Scent experts presented the latest fragrance from Anna Sui, aptly named Fantasia. The bottle is a tangible representation of the whimsy that the brand is known for.

Even the food is so whimsical!

Anna Sui’s design ethic has always been about enchantment. Her designs will whisk you off to faraway places and different worlds. Anna Sui Fragrances represent a fantasy of the exotic past, mixed with a dream for a romantic future. The Anna Sui woman is a fun and free spirited Rock ‘n Roll edgy girl who is forever young at heart.

A new journey has begun and Anna Sui brings us to another dream, another magic romance with style and sass creating a new sparkling story: Anna Sui Fantasia.


There is nothing more exciting than a dream that transports us into a world of imagination, where mystery and magic are one. It is an enchanted world, where aspirations are indefinitely more beautiful.

Fantasia’s faceted glass bottle is feminine and elegant, yet playful. The bottle is topped with a precious Gold Unicorn that invites us into Anna’s magical world.

As a universal sign of beauty and a symbol of purity and grace, the unicorn embodies the beauty and mystery of Anna’s world.

The leaves and flowers adorning the bottle represent the magical forest. The Gold ring with the embossed Fantasia logo adds an element of luxury. And finally, the fragrance is a precious golden elixir that adds an ethereal touch to this unique and glamourous creation.

On the folding carton, the unicorn is surrounded by a magical rainbow of stars and flowers.

The blue background represents the sky of the fantasy world and creates a dreamy atmosphere. The high quality soft touch paper provides a delicate matte effect that adds elegance, light and magic to the box. And lastly, the embossed design elements and gold hot-foil stamped accents bring the story to life.


 A new olfactory signature for the brand, the Woody Fruity Floral scent promises mystery, blended with sensuality and femininity. Jerome Epinette, Senior Perfumer at Robertet, captured the essence of Anna Sui’s world in defining Fantasia perfectly in his creation:

“The idea was to create a new signature in the fantastical realm of romantic mystery that layers in effervescence and optimism, with a pink pomelo potion and spicy pink pepper on the top.

The heart is a beautiful floral bouquet with a delicious raspberry praline to contrast the sparkling top, and add a brushstroke of just the right touch of playful addictiveness and femininity.  Golden cypress and Himalayan cedar wood add an extravaganza of woodsy freshness and the fantasy of immortality. The creation is spellbinding, modern and playful.”


Eau de Toilette Vaporisateur, Natural Spray 75 ml – 2.5 fl.oz.       PHP 4,450
Eau de Toilette Vaporisateur, Natural Spray 50 ml – 1.7 fl.oz.        PHP 3.450
Eau de Toilette Vaporisateur, Natural Spray 30 ml – 1.0 fl.oz.       PHP 2,550

On counter as of August 15, 2018.
Available at FRESH and selected SM Department Stores