Cutting Edge highlights a wider extent on metal’s versatility on functional and decorative purposes. With 28 years of experience in metal fabrication, it comes as no surprise that the company has become an innovator in the industry. Understanding client needs through the years, the company has a high regard for service excellence and premium quality.

Harmony with Nature

The lack of space or equipment is no longer a hindrance in bringing a piece of nature back into urban life. In Greek, the term Arcadia refers to simplicity and happiness. The restrained and minimalist designs are created to plant small greens or arrange flowers in to add elegance to indoor or outdoor environment.

Arcadia offers a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as colors and textures that match diverse characters and tastes. May it be at a patio or garden, an office, dining or consul table, Arcadia’s metal planter boxes are perfect for indoor or outdoor locations. Adding your favorite greens or flowers in the planter boxes can brighten up any area by transforming empty spaces into greener and healthier environments.

Artisanal Metal

A lot of the metal items seen in homes and offices have adhered to a usual look; these have simply become normal and uninteresting. Changing this stereotype, homeowners or builders may now customize more chic and striking, yet still durable and reliable metal items around them.

Create conversation pieces. In Spanish, the term Celosia is about separating spaces, yet still seeing through both sides. Both ornamental and structural, Celosia’s innovative and tailor-made metal fabrications add a personal touch and refined elegance to common or mundane items like gates, fences and doors, as well as chairs and tables. These can be designed according to the client’s requirements to comply with specifications, functions, and tastes.

Smarter Way to Organize and Store

Unlike standard lockers and cabinets, Intellock has upgraded to be stronger and more reliable than the traditional lock and key. The Intelligent Box is a highly specialized cabinet that features a keyless electronic coded locking system that allows certain cabinets to be locked and unlocked using a touch screen monitor with SMS capability. Users have access to a system generated virtual key that is sent to the recipient’s mobile number over standard messaging. Manual override is possible in case of power interruption. This better ensures the safety and security of valuables. It is ideal for residential and commercial use for condominiums, gym lockers, courier companies, airports, and other public locations where there is a need for short-term locker lease.

Imagine a unique gate design, bold metal chairs and tables, or maybe a more stylish plant box for display and turn that style into a reality with Cutting Edge’s products.

Cutting Edge’s Arcadia, Celosia, and Intellock is exclusively distributed by Greenergy Ventures. For orders, please contact 0915-5622691 or 8053549, or email Visit and like Greenergy on Facebook for more info.

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