We all have our dark sides and more often than not, we are asked to keep our dark side well…in the dark. However, there are moments where the dark needs to be brought out and melded with the light. Light in this context, is milk chocolate.

Cadbury, a family favourite recently launched their new variant of chocolates. Truth be told, they can spin it as the old chocolate with new packaging and I would still go because…chocolates, hello. The best of both worlds collide in Cadbury’s newest limited edition Cadbury Dark Milk. With  the  perfect blend of the rich cocoa taste of dark chocolate and the sweet velvety texture of milk chocolate, Cadbury Dark Milk offers a one-of-a-kind taste encounter that one will always remember.

The launch itself was one for the books! Artesania cafe is a furniture store but is also an events place. Scattered all around the venue were the three variants: Crunchy Salted Caramel which is my favourite, Perfectly blended chocolate and Roasted & Caramelised hazelnuts.

I love a good glow up and there is nothing better than a good chocolate glow up. Great job, Cadbury. Keep doing you.