Being a mom means that I look out for my kids’ well-being, especially with what they eat. A few years ago, the family had a huge eating revolution. We figured out what was causing Zac’s really bad asthma attacks: it was the TBHQ in the chips that they were eating. TBHQ is basically butane. I’m feeding my kids that?! Horrified, I then involved the kids in being more responsible eaters. I made them read the label and if it was something that they can’t pronounce or figure out, then they can’t have it. I also told them that if you can’t recognize or know where your food is coming from, then you can’t eat it either. There goes all the hotdogs. We’re still fighting a battle with SPAM though. It wasn’t easy nor are we saints about it, but this greatly reduced my son’s asthma episodes. It also alleviated some of their allergies!

Now, that being all said and done, it really is hard to find a place where they serve “real” food that’s fast, affordable and tasty. Regular fast food just won’t cut it for us any more. But when you’re also kinda matakaw like me and my kids, this puts a dent in your wallet. Which is why I am more than thrilled to know that Wok 2 Go is now open in Venice Grand Mall!

The brain child of Angie Mead King, Mark Soong and Kim Garcia, Wok 2 Go is (to be blunt) like Mongolian but without the risks and all of the healthy flavors. It aims to serve great tasting food that is all fresh, in a short amount of time and will literally have you keep on coming back for more because with the ingredients that they offer, you can have 1,760 delicious possibilities to try out.


Let’s talk about the fun facts first: The place looks like a food truck – an homage to what brought Kim, Angie and Mark together: their love of cars. I thought it was such a cleverly creative way of maximizing the space.

Start your order by choosing a sauce. Note the Filipino sauces available: Adobo, sinigang and binagoongan. Then choose your fiber, then your meats. Next would be to choose add ons if you want any; choose your drink and then pay up. Give your name and you’ll be told that your order will be ready in a few minutes and they will be calling your name. Pretty black and white standard fast food process. The only difference is that the meats aren’t processed, the veggies aren’t frozen or rehyrated and they get cooked right in front of you.

Cooking is done using a wok and a really hot fire. REALLY HOT. The sauce and ingredients get mixed and flipped by their cooks. Once done, they are ladled into a traditional Chinese take out box and served. The whole process takes about 5 minutes – 7, tops.

What did I get? I got the green curry sauce with red rice, chicken and shrimp with extra bell peppers. And a mango juice. My total? 295 pesos. Travel buddy got pepper sauce, mixed vegetables and beef with a mango juice and his total was 225 pesos. If that isn’t a freaking bang for your buck, I don’t know what is.

The Pros and the Cons

Wok 2 Go lives up to its tagline: It is fresh. Take note that it is fresh but not without some prep. The veggies have been sliced and put in their little stainless steel covered containers. The rice has been pre-cooked as well. But, that doesn’t mean that they are not fresh. They have not been processed and they have not been frozen. The restaurant is pretty strict with how long the food has been exposed.

It’s fast. Not crazy instant fast like your usual fast food chains but for real food? It’s pretty fast. So you wait for 7 minutes…compare that to the 20 to 30 minute wait in a restaurant.

It is fun! Just imagining what combination I’m going to have for when I visit next is fun for me!

The downside? No deliveries yet. Although Tanya Llana, the company’s marketing and communications director says that they’re already in talks with Food Panda and may be able to offer deliveries very soon! Maybe you should have a branch opened here in the south!

Wok 2 Go is located at the 2nd floor of the Venice Grand Mall over at McKinley Hill. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram: @wok2goPH