Winter is probably one of those things that most Pinoys don’t get to experience. No, Baguio does not count although the weather there now is in the single digits so it does come close. I am talking about real GoT kind of winter – the type that causes water to freeze over, bears to hibernate and allows for excessive layering. We decided to go to Korea to get a taste and feel of it. South Korea, just yo be completely specific for you smart asses

Seoul, the capital city of S.Korea is about 3 hours away from Manila by plane. The city is bustling just like any other capital, the buildings are massive and the neon lights are bright. The Han river flows through the city and people have integrated it in their lives. Unlike us Filipinos, the Koreans value and respect the river thus they keep it clean and garbage free.

For our first winter activity, we went ice fishing in one of Chongpyong district’s lakes. This is a Korean tradition amongst families. They go to the lake, dad pokes a hole through the ice, the gather around it and drop their lines while waiting for the trout to take the hook.

Since fishing is mostly about time that we did not have a lot of, we were given the opportunity to catch some fish in a pool with a net instead.

They have these tents at the banks of the lake that serve as rest houses to warm up with their furnace and a selection of hot food. They have these delicious fish cakes and spicy rice cakes. They can also cook the fish you caught, dampa style.

They also have some insects for you to eat. I would rather use them as bait, to be honest.

You can watch the video here:

Winter is definitely here but so far, it’s been fun. I just need to have the feelings on my fingers back.

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