Ian at Balesin - working! (46)If you’re one who is in search for the pleasurable things in life and won’t hesitate to pack your bags or even brave the horrible traffic of this country (or another), then you’re definitely a gadabout. In my attempt to make this website more helpful in flourishing ones’ vocabulary, I read somewhere that they know this word because they saw it on Glee. Nothing against Glee, I liked the first couple of season of the show but I just grew out of it.

The dictionary defines gadabout as a person who roams to seek pleasurable things. I think it goes deeper than that – see, for me, a gadabout is one who finds or discovers something pleasurable wherever they may be. It’s not about roaming to seek pleasure or joy. It’s about finding the joy and pleasure within the vicinity you are in. Any space you occupy or move to fill may have a gem of a find and all you have to do is perhaps, look a little deeper.

I am a Gadabout. I travel and move into different spaces not just to seek pleasure or amusement but also to find it, to unearth it or to pull back layers just to see the hidden treasure within. Some of the most wonderful experiences I’ve had are in the most unexpected places. Besides, discoveries are the ultimate thrill!

This online journal of sorts shall be the keeper of discoveries; the journal of joys and purveyor of pleasurable things. I hope I can influence you to be a Gadabout too.

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