To be completely honest, I am not much of a museum fan. I am a selective musem attendee or if I were coerced to go with a bribe of food and drinks. However, I was more than excited togo and visit the Art Science Museum of Singapore, specifically for these two exhibits: Future World and Humans+

Where do I even start with trying to tell you how brilliant I think these exhibits are? Let’s start with the building itself. The Art Science museum is an aesthetic architectural feat. The building is supposed to resemble Buddha’s open hand – or at least that’s what I have surmised. Looking at it from the outside, one would think that it is just one huge building but it is actually three buildings in one. The center of the “palm” has a pond and allows for a lot of natural light

Future World

Art in a museum used to mean that you were encouraged to look and walk away. Not much of an interaction there. With Future World though, you are strongly encouraged to interact with the art. Japanese founded Singapore based CG group Team Lab wanted to create a space where people can freely enjoy the artistic environment. I say it’s a mindfuckerage of epic proportions – in a good way. My favorites are the Flying Crows and Space exhibit. If you’re going to Singapore with your kids, they’ll enjoy the other exhibits as well.


Now this exhibit got me all nerding out. It’s about our future as human beings and the advances we have been doing in terms of genetic research and engineering, biotech and nano technology. It (the exhibit) asks the important questions like “aren’t we cyborgs already?”, in a more eloquent manner of course.

Being a parent, I have been asked before if I would change my kids if I could and I think I responded with “if it would help them be healthier or help them to cope with life, then maybe.” Well, after seeing the work of Agatha Haines, I may have to rethink that answer.

The museum opens at 10 AM and closes at7 PM daily. I suggest that you purchase your tickets online if you are going there on a weekend.