The War Remnants museum in Ho Chi Minh showcases the facts, tragedies and (well, yeah) remnants of the Vietnam war. While it is quite very emotionally draining to see all of the exhibits, I think and strongly recommend a visit. The monstrosities of war and the innocents who are affected by it should never be forgotten.

I think it’s important to be able to understand what war does to people – how it destroys and degrades us – regardless of which side we are on. It seems senseless, really – to spend so much money on destroying lives and places and then spend so much again in trying to rebuild it. You can rebuild establishments but how can you rebuild broken lives and psyches?

The museum serves as a strong reminder of who really gets hurt in a war. It’s not the leaders or the generals that lead each side. It’s the innocent people who are stuck in between the crossfires.


Still part of the whole war, the Cuchi tunnels is an intricate labyrinth of small tight tunnels that housed the VCs and helped them both survive and fight. Depressing history aside, one has to understand and appreciate the hard work and ingenuity that the Vietnamese put into these tunnels.

The tunnels were built for the small body types of the Vietnamese so if you’re anywhere beyond 5′ 5″ and 140 pounds, I suggest you sit the tunnel tour out.