Years ago, to travel to a new place meant that you had to know how to read a map, learn a few phrases to get you by and have coins ready for the pay phone to call a friend when you get completely lost.

There was the popular option of doing a group tour but that meant that you were at the mercy of a tour group – I’m not sure about how you guys feel about that but I didn’t really enjoy group tours. I felt that I was rushed and could not really enjoy the sights.

DIY tours have now become the more accepted form of really enjoying the place you are visiting. Technology as made it possible for us to go to different places one has never been without the fear of getting lost. That being said, here are some of my favorite andmost useful travel apps that I have personally used and still love to use.


Well, GMAIL is a no brainer. The Google app syncs my flights from the information it found on my GMAIL account. It reminds me about the flight times and information such as terminals and gates. It also calculates the best time to leave from my current location to the airport and suggests that.

It also shows me the current weather in my location, news from my home country, and any other cards or information that I would like to know or have. A pretty nifty and information filled app. Plus, you can always Googe stuff like “best restaurant near me” or whatever floats your boat.

Available on the Play and App store


Areyou trying to get from point A to point B? Unsure on what to take or where to walk? Rome2Rio gives you several suggestions to take you from here to there. Beit by plane, train, ferry, car or your feet!

It will also show you how much your transportation choice will cost you in your native currency. It can also assist you in renting a car if you want to.

The app keeps a list of places you’ve searched as a history. I like that it does that because that means I don’t have to retype the places.

Rome2Rio is available on both iOS and Android


To be completely honest, I haven’t tried this app yet – in the flight sense. CAPE is amazing simply because it has Pinoy blood running through its program. A truly Pinoy centric app, CAPE allows you to purchase the standby tickets at a super duper fraction of the regular price!

CAPE is currently in an invitation only status. You need to sign up and be invited by someone to be able toget tickets to domestic and international flights in the region. For example, PAL flights to Ho Chi Minh city will cost about AUD$500 for a return ticket. With CAPE, you can get that ticket for AUD$150 instead! No excuse for you not to travel now!

CAPE is currently available on iOS


While the app is not recommended for intense translations of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the time of Cholera, it will help you get by with simple words and phrases such as “Help me, I am lost!”

I suggest that you download the language packs so you can use it offline. This nifty little app has helped me a lot in Seoul!


Spotify recently announced that premium users will now have full access to the music library while free users will be limited I strongy suggest that you get the subscription. It’s not that much anyway and it gets rid of the annoying repetitive commercials that can be closely equated to mind control.

Travel may require you to sit down in small seat fo a long period of time so you would need some form of entertainment, right? Hello, Spotify. I am currently listening to Bruno Mars on a loop, much to my travel buddy’s chagrin.


Because music may not be enough to entertain your ass when you are traveling for almost 24 hours, you need Netflix.

I don’t think Netflix requires more description here. I suggest that you download Broken Mirror.


Hooq is my go to for Pinoy series and movies! No offense Netflix, but you don’t have Encantadia or 24/7 in love. A caveat though, if you are going outside of the Asean region, you won’t be able to watch HOOQ as it is exclusively available in Asia.

It’s just not Pinoy shows and films though – you have a wide selection of Bollywood and K movies!

Do you have any favorite travel app that you would like to share?

Talk to me!