Mecha Uma was the stage and Chef Bruce Ricketts was the curator of deliciously super fresh Japan sourced seafood with south american cooking style specifically Mexican – It was an Ultra Premium Tequila dinner!  A perfect compliment to Casa Noble Ultra Premium Tequila , Critically acclaimed and acknowledged the world over as one of the finest ultra premium tequila brands. Casa Noble is made from 100% organically grown “blue agave” and widely sought after for its unique aroma, smooth taste and distinctly satisfying velvety finish.

Beloved by lifestyle engagers and connoisseurs of fine spirits, it is no wonder that Casa Noble counts music legend Carlos Santana as one of its proud owners and American President Barrack Obama as one of its avid aficionados.

The evening was attended by Casa Noble principals headed by Jake Jacob Vice President -Asia of Constellation Brands with Joe Milner and Samantha Befus also present was Edwin Francis Ong of Global Noble International the partner in the country .

The Grand Opening of the SINGLE BARREL bottle with the night’s Guest of Honor Mexican ambassador Julio Camarena with Casa Noble regional sales director Joe Milner headed the toasting ” 100% blue Agave triple distilled family of premium tequila: You may have come across “reserves” and “limited edition” tequilas but Casa Noble has redefined luxury by developing the first single barrel program in the tequila world. In the tradition of the finest single barrel whiskies, our program has exceeded every expectation in creating an ultra premium tequila aged in its own barrel. ”

Casa Noble Ultra Premium Tequila is now available at your major supermarkets and leading wine shoppes or you can shop online at with free delivery!

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