Ever since I took the kids to a cat cafe, they have been on the lookout for other animal cafes – especially unusual ones. I figured, being the awesome parent that I am, this is a great way for them to be able to interact with animals in a safe environment. I was also hoping it was a great way to ease the fears of the kids when it comes to animals. As a kid, I kept a lot of “pets”. I use the term pet loosely because they are ducks, chickens and geese that eventually ended up on our dining table. That also taught me a lesson on life and survival – but that’s for another day.

Because the kids are great researchers (I regret teaching them that. They ended up being better researchers that I am) they found out that there are two very unusual cafes in Seoul – the raccoon cafe and the sheep cafe. I have had no previous experience with raccoons but from what I’ve seen online, I know that they can be more than a handful. I wasn’t too worried about the sheep because you know…they’re…sheep. What are they going to do? Bleet me to death? I wrote them down on the itinerary and figured out a way to get there.

Bonita di Cafe aka Raccoon Cafe

Address: Songnae-daero, 19, Bucheon, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Phone number: +82 32 555 4672
Facebook Page: (It’s in Korean though but they have awesome photos and videos)

To be completely honest, I would get lost trying to find this cafe. We were so lucky that we had an amazing tour guide and she took us there in just a few wags of a raccoons tail. The place is small, so expect a wait or if you don’t mid sitting on the floor, you can do that too.

True enough, there were raccoons. Oh there were a few of them having the run of the place. 2 collies and a pretty dog (no idea what breed it was but it was pretty) were also part of the four legged residents’ pool. There’s an entrance fee of KRW 6000 per person and you also kind of got to buy a drink. The coffee and teas are KRW 1000 only though so I thought that was okay.

The raccoons look so cute! Like a fat squirrel/panda hybrid that had opposable thumbs and relatively high intellect. Some were quite naughty and were getting into bags and pockets. So that’s tip number one for you: Zip all zips, close bags and don’t wear jewelry that they can pull because they will.

Don’t get too excited about trying to get up close an personal to one. They will go to you and they will be so up close and personal with you that you’ll be the one to quit. They have no sense of personal space because for them, all space is their personal space.

Don’t expect that the place will smell like roses and perfume. They’re raccoons and dogs. The place will have an animal smell mixed with a faint scent of pee and bleach.


If you’re one of the blessed ones to have a well behaved furry sweetheart climb up to you and make you his own personal warm mattress, enjoy it. It’s only a dead leg anyway. Oh yeah, that’s another thing: Raccoons apparently are a bit on the heavy side.

Thanks Nature Cafe aka Sheep Cafe

Address: 486 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Telephone: +82 54-228-5106
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TNcafe/

This cafe is relatively easier to find as it is just along a major road. You just have to go down the steps and then bam! You’re there.

The cafe is divided into the outdoor area for the sheep and the indoor cafe area for the humans. There’s no entrance fee but you have to purchase your drinks first before you are allowed to interact with the sheep. Don’t just buy drinks though! The waffles in this place is just amazing! Real fresh fruits and not the canned or bottled ones, freshly whipped cream and warm freshly made waffles. A must try, I insist.

The sheep were…well, sheep. They were woolly and they walked around slowly. Maybe we judged them immediately because we just came from the raccoons. There is a rather large difference between the mammals.

There are other unusual animal cafes in Korea – meerkat cafe, goat cafe and there are the usual ones as well such as the cat and dog cafes. If you have more time, go and visit them and let me know what you think.