I just got back from Hong Kong and met my mom for dinner. As usual, she asks me what I feel like eating and I said “Anything but Chinese.” For obvious reasons. The thing with my mom, however is that she sometimes has this sick sense of humor that she totally goes and does the exact opposite of what you tell her. This was why I was sat across her on a table in Tuan Tuan Chinese Brasserie.

I rolled my eyes at her naughty child like grin – the one that looks like the cat just ate the parakeet for dinner look. What the hell, eh? Might as well enjoy the dinner and maybe I can pretend to still be in Hong Kong.

The interiors of the place reminds me of the old soshal Chinese restaurants in soshal legit China. The walls were adorned with framed black and white photographs and trays that look like they’ve been hand painted.

The place was bright enough to make it feel sanitized but not too bright that it looks like an institutional cafeteria. Nothing stood out but it wasn’t muted either. Oks lang, ganun.

The menu was cleverly done to look like a newspaper. Cute but a bit confusing. Advert po ba ito or puedeng orderin? Tuan Tuan is chinese fusion food. The soup bases had variety – laksa base, tom yoong base, chicken or beef bases. I opted for the tom yoong and also ordered for the salted egg custard snow bun.

Overall, the place was okay. Service was good and the place was clean and well lit. The real winner for me is the food! I loved my noodle soup! It was perfectly cooked and just the right amount of spicy and sour. The salted custard snow buns were good too but I was expecting it to be something else – nothing negative, just that I was pleasantly surprised by the taste.

Tuan Tuan Chinese Brasserie is at SM Aura, BGC.