My mother was the one who ignited the wanderlust fire in me, even if technically I have been in travel mode since I was a kid. Growing up in the sleepy capital of Pangasinan, I looked forward to the trips the family would take to either Hundred islands or Baguio and even Manila! I would splay myself in the backseat of the car and look up through the windows to see the trees running, light peeking through the heavy canopy of acacia leaves. I loved staring out the window and try to catch glimpses of the farmers in the fields, corn being dried on the side of the road, the goats and sheep and cows that the farmers were trying to get across the roads. Traveling was both an adventure and an escape.

Growing up, my mom finally took me to my very first plane ride when I was 16. Boracay was so much different then. But it might as well have been fuel because on that day, on that trip, I told myself that I will always travel whenever I could. Since then, I have taken trips with friends, lovers, family, with strangers and even alone. It wasn’t just the trip though. It really was about finding myself or learning something new – either about a culture, place, history and most importantly, myself.

As I traveled more, I started to understand that travel planning is the best way to truly enjoy a holiday. And maybe loads if access to wine. This was the subject of discussion during a dinner I was at.

Beringer Vineyards recently held an intimate dinner with a number of travel writers and bloggers at TOYO Eatery to share the insights that they had from the survey. Marcus Ingleby – Portfolio Sr. Brand Manager for South East Asia, Middle East and Africa for Treasury Wine Estates together with Elise Greene – Portfolio Assistant Brand Manager for Southeast Asia, Middle East & Africa for Treasury Wine Estates, welcomed guests to a specially curated dinner from Chef Jordy.

There’s a growing trend of Filipinos who are now travelling in and around the country, if social media is any indication for it. Feeds that have top posts are usually ones that have a photo of a beach or some exotic place with the top hashtags of #travel #beach and #wanderlust peppering the captions. However, in as much as Filipinos love to travel, a recent survey shows that almost 60% of travellers believe that they could have maximised their vacations had they planned their leaves better.

“We were shocked to find that there’s a growing trend of Filipinos who are short changing themselves when it comes to getting the most from their annual leave, given that they work so hard to earn it,” commented Marcus Ingleby, Regional Senior Brand Manager, Beringer Vineyards.

“In response to the findings, Beringer has launched a campaign on the world’s largest travel site TripAdvisor, to inspire a holiday planning revolution. We want people to see that making vacation planning a social occasion is the way forward. A little bit of planning can have a huge impact on the kind of holiday you experience and it’s well within everyone’s reach. We believe that vacation planning is always better when shared with others over a glass of wine,” added Ingleby. I do not need to be told twice.

A well chosen selection of wine was also shared by Miss Katherine Yao – Santos, Managing Director for Happy Living Phils. Corp. Each dish from Chef Jordy was paired beautifully with four different wines from Beringer.

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