Sydney is beautiful.

Part of my bucket list was to see Sydney’s famed opera house and the harbour bridge both in daylight and at night. So, when I was given a holiday to see Sydney, I was thrilled out of my skull! I was going to see the opera house! And the bridge! How awesome is that? However when I was finally face to face (so to speak) with the magnificent structures, I couldn’t even stop looking at them, let alone take photos. Thank goodness for my traveling partner, he took the photos and was bugging me as to why I, the usually phototaking trigger bomb that I am, was just “looking”

It was emotional for me. Like the first time I went to a proper aquarium (also in Australia) and saw the sharks and all the creatures that I could never see because I can’t scuba dive. I had tears in my eyes and I just wanted to stare at them and let all the world be still. I took pictures, don’t worry.

As I stood there, mouth agape, I thought about all the other places in Sydney that were “Insta worthy” I was now on a mission to  find my top Insta spots in Sydney! And here they are, in no particular order:

Angel Place

Angel Place is this alley flocked with the back doors of some buildings, front doors to some happening bars and an aerial installation of several metal bird cages. The birdcages are a highlight but you can also totally OOTD against the brick walls with small basement windows.


Hyde Park Barracks Museum

Go do the whole museum bit. I promise, it’s a lot of fun and very informative. Plus, the photos you can take!! Oh god the photos!! The edifice of the barracks is amazing in itself, then there’s the beautiful staircases, windows, white painted brick walls inside, the hammocks – everything.

Sydney Hospital and Florence Nightingale Museum

The most famous landmark of Sydney hospital is the wild boar up front. Drop a coin and rub its nose as you make a wish. Have a moment at the beautiful fountain and explore the grounds.

Art Gallery of New South Wales

Art. Need I say more?

The Royal Botanical Gardens

This place was beautiful. You can climb up trees and watch the clouds pass by. You can have a picnic as you watch people go by or have the opera house in view. You can play hide and seek among the bamboo or maybe even carve your name and your lover’s initials when nobody is looking. Everything is just so photo worthy!

The Rocks

More specifically, under the bridge at the Rocks, the small alleys that have beautiful views, the cobbled streets that go under the bridge with a beautiful arch. *Sigh* The Rocks is awesome.

Circular Quay

There are a lot of spots around Circular Quay but if you can, try to get a photo at the steps.

The Museum of Contemporary Art

Again, art. You get perfect OOTD backgrounds as soon as you enter!

Luna Park

When I said I wanted to go to Luna Park, traveling buddy gave a grimace. When I said it was for photos, he relaxed. LOL! The vintage vibe and ambiance is great for photos. If I may suggest, come in your vintage or retro attire to match the place!

There are more places to visit and take photos of! But that’s reserved for the next post.