My previous post listed the 9 top spots in Sydney for your Instagram feed. I thought it would be easier to digest if I cut them down into parts – also to give justice to the places and the photos we took.

Do note that this does not include the other top places to take photos of for your IG feed like Laurieton, Blue Mountains, the Three Sisters and other notable New South Wales places.

Moving on! Here are the top instagrammable places in Sydney, part 2!

Basically anywhere in the streets of the city

The streets around the city (Martin Place, George Street, etc.) is a fount of wonderful architectural beauties. Look up!

St. Mary’s Cathedral

The brick edifice and the Gothic structure makes it an amazing piece of architecture to photograph.

Miller’s Point and the residential area near The Rocks

I was amazed by the beautiful art deco and flapper style buildings as well as the residential apartments at Miller’s Point. Apparently, there’s this thing going on where the structures are being sold and torn down. Such a shame. Hope they don’t.

The Harbour Bridge and the Opera House

Well, this does not need any explanation at all, now does it? My suggestion is to do two trips – one during the day or golden hour and another one at night with all the lights. Have a beer or a cider at the opera bar and wait for sunset to roll in. Traveling buddy was very kind enough to go to different areas to get different shots of the bridge.

Queen Victoria Building

This building has a lot of history and it would be a tragedy if you don’t go explore it. Don’t take the escalators, take the stairs and bask in the beauty of the stained glass windows.


Newtown is a very hipster, retro artsy place. You’ll never run out of things, places and people to photograph here. Take time to get to know the place. Oh, and if you can, go and find this bar that’s cleverly disguised as a butcher shop.

There are still a lot more places, I’m sure. I may have to go back to get photos again. The point though is that not to get too obsessed with what you’re trying to capture on your phones to share on your website or social media accounts – it’s about enjoying and appreciating what you see. Live up the experience! Immerse yourself in it! Travel and enjoy!!