I like zoos. There – that statement couldn’t be as simple and factual as that. I like zoos because it allows me to be able to see animals that I won’t normally see anywhere. I like being able to learn about them and of course, see them live! But I like zoos that truly care for the animals and not just for profit. This is why the Singapore zoo is one of my favorite zoos and now, we have a contender – Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia.

Taronga zoo poster

Before you venture off to the zoo, you have to prep first.

  1. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes. Leave the flashy clothes in the hotel because you will be doing a lot of walking. Best to have a thin shirt on, if possible, long sleeved shirts to protect your skin from the sun.
  2. Wear comfy shoes. Like I said, there will be a lot of walking so wag ka nang mag attempt na mag wedges. Keri mo na ang maging height challenged just for this one time.
  3. Have a hat. Not a baseball cap – like a real wide brimmed hat. Mainit teh, wag ka nang umarte unless bet mo ang masunog at magka sunburn. Hat. Important. In fact, put that on the top of your list. HAT.
  4. Wear sunscreen. I can’t stress this enough. Please, please, PLEASE wear sunscreen.
  5. Bring a refillable bottle for your water. You have to hydrate. The walking under the sun and the heat will make you thirsty. Although the zoo has several drinking fountains, iba pa rin pag may bitbit ka para drink anytime, anywhere.

Now that you have your gear ready, you can now head on to the zoo!

Getting there

There are a lot of ways to get to the zoo. The best way for me though is getting a ferry. Get a ferry from Wharf 2 at Circular Quay. Ferries leave every 30 minutes but make sure you check out the time schedule before you actually go. You can also get your ticket from there. Zoo tickets are at AUD$55 per adult and the ferry is about AUD$7 one way. The ferry ride is awesome because you can get a view of the Opera house and the bridge from the water! One note though, remember the color of your ferry – that’s the ferry you’ll take going back. There are several ferry charters so you might end up going on the wrong ferry.

Once you get to the zoo port, you can either take a bus or the sky gondola. I suggest the sky gondola as it gives you a great aerial view of the zoo!

The Zoo

Like I said, it’s a HUGE zoo. So, get a map and plot your way. There are several sections so you may want to plan your trip in an orderly fashion. As soon as you get in, you will see a booth with a friendly zoo staff with a map. Go say hello and get one. Maybe even ask about what he or she would recommend.

There are “interactive experiences” with some of the animals. Take note which ones are free and which ones require a fee. AUD$20 for a photo with a sleeping koala may not be your thing though, so you can just move on about and try to capture the animals your way. That’s another thing, some animals, like the koalas, are nocturnal so they may not be active or may not even show themselves. Check your expectations. They’re animals not robots.

If you’re bringing kids, I suggest that you make a pit stop at the petting area. They have farm animals there that the kids can pet and feed. Oh, and they also have spiders. But whatever floats your boat, right?

The Shows

The zoo has a number of shows but you have to check out the schedules. I strongly suggest that you go and see the QBE Bird show. It is absolutely amazing!!

Make sure that you go in early and find a good seat – that’s for any show. The most popular one is the seal and sea lion show. We didn’t get to that in time but we saw some parts of it from the sidelines and it’s pretty cool.

The Zoo with a View

I think the best part of Taronga Zoo is the view. Seeing the skyline of Sydney’s CBD set as a backdrop for a very shy giraffe is such an amazing sight to see!

For more information, check out their official website