People get into yoga for different reasons – for weight loss, for strength or flexibility. I have chosen to do yoga because I initially thought “How hard can it be? You lie down, you stretch…it’s easy”. Little did I know that the non-sporty woman in me couldn’t be more wrong. Before you scratch yoga off your list, let me also tell you that there’s nothing more than I found to be more rewarding than being a yogi.

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The Yoga Way is a relatively new yoga studio in Las Pinas. Located at Rubetan building, right across Starmall, the studio is minimalistic but very homey. Head teacher and all around superwoman Dani Larson was my teacher for my very first Ashtanga lesson. Being a total newbie, I appreciated the before, during and after lesson. Dani shared the different types of yoga and what would best fit my needs, lifestyle and schedule. There are a lot of misconceptions about yoga and Dani was adamant about ensuring that one takes yoga seriously as it is a commitment – just like any kind of athletic endeavor.

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Yoga isn’t just about stretching or lying down, as most people would assume it is. It’s about building strength, flexibility, challenging yourself and instilling discipline. Our lesson usually starts with setting an intention – be it your goal for the day or the intention you have for taking up yoga.

The studio is comfortable and spacious save for a couple of pillars. It can safely accommodate about 20 people at one time. During the Hot Detox lessons, heaters are set up and turned on to expedite sweating. There are three changing areas, a lounge to wait at while awaiting your turn to go in the studio and a small wall shop. The studio has small cubby holes to store your bags and other stuff in. There are no shower rooms though, just a small quirky bathroom and for hygienic purposes, they don’t rent out mats so please remember to bring your own.

The Yoga Way offers different types of yoga – from Asthanga to Vinyasa, Gentle flow and the high powered but extremely enjoyable Power Yoga. Another reason why you should try yoga at The Yoga Way are the teachers! I have never been with a group of happy, sincere, accommodating and beautiful people!

The Yoga Way is located at the 2nd Flr of Rubetan Bldg. PhilAm Com. Plaza CV Starr Ave., 1740 Las Piñas/ Call them at 873-YOGA or email them at for schedule of classes, rates and packages and other details. The Yoga Way opens as early as 6 in the morning and closes at 9 in the evening. Check out their Facebook Page as well for daily schedules.