For a while, The Girl + the Bull had a bit of a hiatus. They’ve completely renovated their interiors and their menu. From the previous Western foray of meals, it has now embraced its geography (in a broad sense) and offers a more Asian cuisine.

The artistic spirit of the establishment is still prevalent, industrial and minimalist tones is clearly pronounced with maybe an intentional stage whisper of art: the green snake contrasted on what I assume to be sakura blossoms, the patina-ed tubular chandelier and the blue line drawings on concrete walls. Yes, it is still an classy artsy place.

As my travel buddy said “This is a great place for a first date! You have dinner then go upstairs for a couple of drinks.” I nodded in agreement and added “And if you live here, you can go upstairs for even more drinks and then some…” I didn’t need to see him roll his eyes, he rolled it so hard that I heard it. But come on, it’s true though. Convenience is key.

Yes, it is true. It is a wonderful place for a first date. Its location on Bolanos street keeps it away from the usual busy place where everyone goes. This gives you an opportunity to really know your date without any possible distractions. It may help if you drop that tidbit in, wink wink.

The 900 peso Old Fashioned and the other drink

Looking at the drink menu, the very first item I saw was the 900 peso old fashioned. I assumed it is at that price because of some expensive Japanese whiskey that was used (I was right) Still, it didn’t make me like old fashioned any more than how I like it now (not so much). It’s a preference.

I ordered the Chun-Li, chuckling to myself thinking that the character from that game would come and serve it. It was not as pricey as the other drink but it definitely lived up to its description. It was refreshing, cool and had a good balance of spirit and other liquids.

The Full Experience

You may order your food ala carte but if you’re like us and can’t decide, you can opt for the full experience. You get 10 starters and three mains plus dessert for Php2800. Keep in mind though that this spread is similar to Korean and Japanese meals where you get little portions as a starter. You can treat it like a tasting menu if you prefer.

It was definitely quite a spread and there were distinctions to each dish. My favorites were the spinach and the ube chips. Don’t be fooled by the portions, though it may be easier said than done. It’s easy to judge it immediately because of the size – well the mushroom didn’t help the cause kasi naman iisa lang sya. It is quite filling, at least for me. We had left some only partially eaten.

The entrees were well cooked and presented. I especially loved the presentation of the mackerel. It was more of a work of art than a dish. The skin was crispy and the meat still soft and juicy. Wonderfully done, indeed – a dish that pleases the palate and the eyes. The wagyu did not get a photo because we excitedly dug into it, being carnivores that we are. That wagyu can make my cry. It was so flavorful, cooked well and was at the right bite sized chunk.

The Verdict

The food deserves my vigorous nodding. The service is impeccable – from the time I called for a reservation up to the moment we left the doors. The price was reasonable, maybe the old fashioned wasn’t but that’s just me.

My only point of contention is that it was a tad dark. I mean, we can have mood lighting and stuff but I would prefer being able to see what I’m eating and would like to take a photo of the food without having to shine the flashlight on it or using the flash. May konting kahihiyan pa naman ako.

The Girl + The Bull is located at the ground floor of the Grand Midori Makati, Bolanos Street, Legaspi Village, Makati. Call for a reservation: +63 9260380965