There’s no shortage of talented and innovative Filipinos in the country. They do this not for fame or glory but to make other people’s lives better! One perfect example is Cara Garcia.

Cara is a registered nurse and has several academic merits under her belt. A Thomasian graduate, she believes in making a better and more effective simulator that will help patients with heart issues have a better diagnosis. Currently a simulator technician, Cara aims to present her creation to a conference in Texas that will help her find sponsors and companies who can help her build this simulator.

Cara is in charge of the Clinical Skills Laboratory of the College of Nursing of UST in Manila, Philippines.

Part of her work in the laboratory includes preparing simulators for skills training.  She recently developed a simulator that will help teach student nurses how to measure the ‘central venous pressure’ (pressure from within the big veins that bring blood back to your heart)  of a patient- using ordinary hospital supplies. This allows students to learn the complex ICU-level skill without causing any harm to patients.

You can find more about the simulator here:
A low-cost improvised CVP monitoring simulator

Now, there is a lot of technical talk but this infographic that she created may help us understand it more:


She also has a account so you can send donations to her. Any amount will go a long way and we will appreciate any help you can give! Click on this link to donate!

Let’s support Cara and help her fly to Texas!! Spread the word and let’s make Cara’s dream of helping other people come true!

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