Singapore either means Universal Studios or Sentosa to most tourists. Super Singapore has more to offer than that though, and if you take time, you’ll be pretty amazed by it. Of course, it also helps that you have an amazing travel partner with you.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a certain pull to seeing Jaws jump out of the water and try to chomp me into half but I find that as one grows older (sob, sob) we tend to look for other activities that does not require one’s heart being ripped out of its cavity on a regular basis. I wanted to explore Singapore from a different perspective.

Walking is a good way to explore any place. The leisurely pace of walking allows you to see things that you haven’t noticed before. First stop was Clarke Quay. This bustling and bright night place was definitely teeming with tourists and locals. A selection of bars and restaurants pepper the place and there’s no shortage of entertainment. No shortage of pinoys either! I found myself conversing with a lot of pinoys and just touching base with them with news about the motherland. I wish I was able to take photos of the people drinking and celebrating on the bridge. It was like a music festival and everyone is invited.

The next day, I had a date with the Merlion – the most iconic Singapore statue ever. Loads of fun with that one – and other pieces of art peppered around the city. No shortage of art and sculptures here and I loved it!

Chinatown was also a fun treat. Definitely a place to buy your pasalubongs and a place to have an affordable meal. Don’t forget to pass by the Buddha Tooth Relic temple. Ladies, keep your arms and legs covered though if you want to go inside. They do have some malongs and wraps if you don’t have any. The garden on the top floor showcases the prayer wheel and beautiful orchids. Very tranquil and conducive for meditation. No entrance to the temple and you can also score some free books!

Then, there’s the breathtaking Gardens by the Bay. I was completely floored! The waterfalls greet you as you come in, with a cold spray of water and a magnificent view. For a moment, I thought it was all artificial but upon closer inspection, they were all real! I’ve had this fascination with carnivorous plants and I got a thrill with being able to be so close to them and was allowed to touch them! The Cloud Dome has several levels and for an hour or so, you can pretend you’re in the set of Jurassic Park or some otherworldly place where no one has explored before.

The Flower Dome is a gardeners dream. All the flowering plants and succulents pepper the place and you can’t help but literally stop and smell the flowers.

The two domes require payment and tickets to enter but the rest of the gardens are free for everyone to enjoy. You can go around the Chinese, Indian and Japanese gardens and be lost in your thoughts and the beauty of nature.

After the nature treat, we had dinner along the river. This was a perfect vantage point for watching the Marina Bay Sands light show.

marina bay sands light show

For a first timer on her first day of exploring Singapore, I must admit, I was very impressed. I now have the Singaporean fever!

Singapore horizon. Photo by Jason Little