One of the biggest fears I had when I became a parent was my children’s swimming capability. What if they can’t swim? Kinda hard not to know how to seeing that we live in an archipelago. Now, there are “swimming instructors” and “swimming schools” and there are swimming instructors and swimming schools. One of the most trusted and highly regarded swim coaches to celebs and personalities (and coaches to serious swim or tri athletes) are the coaches from Streamline Sports Instruction.


If you want to be a more efficient, confident swimmer this season – or any season for that matter, register and book your slot at Streamline Sports Instruction’s Swim Efficiency Weekend Workshop series at The King’s School Manila at BRADCO Ave., Paranaque City

• get an in-depth stroke analysis
• be more comfortable in the water
• know about the principles of buoyancy
• gain familiarity with the movements which comprise an efficient swim stroke
• learn the key drills to reinforce such movements
• achieve the ability to swim faster, much longer and more sustainably
• learn open water race tactics (off a mass/rolling start, drafting, sighting)

Workshop Dates for Q1, 2016

• January 30
• February 13
• March 11

Each workshop will have a maximum of 15 slots, and will be on a first come, first served basis. Workshop fee is P3,500. Text 0917 855 6692 for other info and to book your slot.

This workshop is for the more advanced swimmers and those who are serious about their sport and would want to improve. However, Streamline Sports Instruction also have lessons for beginners (kids and adults) and more advanced swimmers.

Soon, they will be launching their website and will also show the public other services they have! Summer’s coming and what a great way to spend your summer, eh?