G3Big Day Slim Spa Team is a group of dedicated people focused on helping you get the body you desire in time for your big day.

We understand that fighting the bulge is no easy task, so we are here to make things a little easier for you. How?

  • Our Machines – our non-invasive slimming machines are of the latest technology and are handpicked from Korea to get the best results. We use multiple paddle sizes, pulse frequencies and techniques to cater to specific problem areas such as the face and neck, arms, middle section and thighs—while considering your unique body type, lifestyle and Big Day deadline.
  • We go straight to you – no need to compromise your time for the gym or even your drive back home. We are a home-service team who can do a spa set up in the comfort of your own abode. After your session with us, feel free to relax and watch TV. Let us pack up and worry about the traffic while you enjoy the rest of your day at home.


Whether you’re a soon-to-be bride, debutante, beach-goer or simply looking forward to a special day, we count down the days with you. We work around your schedule to create the best possible slimming agenda for your needs.

Though inches lost is a priority, we understand that looking good is equally important as feeling it. We bundle pampering services along with our slimming treatments to get you prepared for your big day. You can opt to get a massage, facial, mani-pedi, hand and/ or foot spa, or wax along with any slimming treatment.


Weddings happen once in a lifetime and brides deserve only the best for this day. Big Day Slim Team helps our brides get the stunning bodies they desire on top of that pre-nuptial glow. We monitor your progress as we go along and are with you in every inch lost.

Our Bridal Package includes products and add-on services that take the bride’s special needs in consideration. We use a detoxifying black raspberry mask to brighten up skin and a revitalizing massage to encourage better blood flow in the body—making skin plump and the lymphatic drainage more active.

We also cater to debutantes, celebrants, those preparing for the beach, post- pregnancy women or simply those who wish to get rid of unwanted flab.

Want something more special? Contact us for sparties, bridal showers or a unique gift to your loved ones.




The painless, no downtime process of melting stubborn fat using ultrasonic waves. The body continues to burn fat even after the day of treatment giving you continued inch loss after just one session. Fat cells are then eradicated naturally through the body’s lymphatic drainage.  
Face and neck 1,000.00 1,000.00
Abdomen 2,500.00 1,700.00
Arms 2,500.00 1,700.00
Thighs 2,500.00 1,700.00
The painless, no downtime process of destroying fat cells using radiofrequency energy. This procedure has the added benefit of cellulite reduction and collagen production on top of inches lost. We advise this to be done two weeks ahead of your Big Day deadline for others may experience some redness and mild bruising afterwards.  
Face and neck 800.00 800.00
Abdomen 1,800.00 1,300.00
Arms 1,800.00 1,300.00
Thighs 1,800.00 1,300.00



  • Any additional area per treatment day will be given a P200 discount.
  • For maximum results, a minimum of 8 sessions (twice a week) is recommended.
  • We advise that your last slimming session be a minimum of 2 weeks before your Big Day



We use polishes from OPI, Orly and have a special color selection for brides
Cleaning 50.00
Cleaning with Polish 150.00
Cleaning 50.00
Cleaning with Polish 150.00
Foot Spa 100.00
Hand Spa 100.00
Body Massage
Choose between a Revitalizing, Swedish or Shiatsu massages 250.00
Our cleansing oils, moisturizers and masks are imported from Korea. We can also tailor-fit your regimen based on your needs: anti-aging, anti-oxidizing and soothing. 300.00
Sugar Waxing
Upper Lip 100.00
Legs 300.00
Underarm 150.00



  • Pampering services are only available as add-ons to at least one slimming treatment and must be acquired the same day.


Choose between our solo packages or packages for two. Since special occasions are better shared with the people you love, we’ve created packages you can enjoy with your friends or family and added a discount to boot.

Note: Any additional area per treatment day will be given a P200 discount.


Appointments must be made at least 1-2 days before the scheduled session. We are open 9am-9pm, Tuesdays-Sundays
Available for Metro Manila residents only.

Mobile: (0939) 831 3822

Email: bigdayslimteam@gmail.com

Web: www.bigdayslimteam.com