Singapore Zoo: Singapore either means Universal Studios or Sentosa to most tourists. Singapore has more to offer than that though, and if you take time, you’ll be pretty amazed by it. Of course, it also helps that you have an amazing travel partner with you.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a certain pull to seeing Jaws jump out of the water and try to chomp me into half but I find that as one grows older (sob, sob) we tend to look for other activities that does not require one’s heart being ripped out of its cavity on a regular basis. I wanted to explore Singapore from a different perspective.

One of the impressive things I saw in the zoo was that though it is an animal enclosure, the word “enclosure” is defined loosely here. The Orangutans are “free-range” and can move from tree to tree in the zoo. It’s pretty much open and non-constricting for most of the animals. Proof is the white cotton tail tamarin that greeted me at the entrance. The cheeky little thing even stuck its tongue out on me!

Some important tips:

1. Best time to go is in the afternoons as this is feeding time for most of the animals.
2. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. If you’re not taking the tram (About $5 per adult), wear comfy clothes and shoes. 3. Bring bottled water or have your refillable water jug with you.
4. Please don’t smoke in the zoo. Have some respect. I’m a smoker but I get totally pissed off when I see a fellow smoker not following the rules. You can be a smoker. Just don’t be a dick.
5. It can get hot and humid, so bring a towel and a pamaypay won’t hurt either.