In Philippine mythology, Amansinaya is known as the feisty & strong-willed goddess of the sea, Bathala’s rival. Today, it is also the name of a very unique collection, collaboration between two strong women – designer, fashion provocateur Tessa Prieto-Valdes & Filipiñana-inspired shoe designer Tal de Guzman, the passionate force behind Risqué Designs.

This partnership is a good fit as Tal’s design aesthetics compliment Tessa’s striking fashion sensibilities. This 10-piece collection is inspired by endemic Philippine marine life. Risqué Designs is known for advocating the use of indigenous Philippine materials through partnerships with local crafts persons. Wood carvers from Paete, Laguna made the heels for the shoes first, then with Tal choosing the unique colours for the Hablon weave, weavers from Valladolid, Negros Occidental came up with the intricate designs for the weave.

In a first for Risqué, the designs also made use of laser cutting technology. All these elements were then put together by Tal to bring to life her & Tessa’s vision for the collection. The organic nature of this joint effort gives the people who worked on them a sense of pride & ownership, with everyone making valuable contributions to the finished product.

The designs range from the straightforward to the ornate, mimicking the diversity of marine life it draws inspiration from. In the myth, Amansinaya & Bathala eventually become friends, & this will eventually lead to the creation of the human race. Much like the myth, this project perfectly illustrates how people coming together can create something beautiful and lasting.

Risqué Designs is a Filipino lifestyle brand that brings forth modernity and luxury with its meticulously hand crafted artisan products. Risqué envisions a revival of traditional crafts to be competitive with global brands, thus fostering a surge in demand for age-old skills, such as loomweaving, wood carving and shoe making.

Retail Shop: Glorietta 3 ground floor (near Team Manila)
Instagram/Twitter: @risquedesigns
Contact Numbers: (02) 576-4691 / 0916-293-2400