Silver Signet rings

For someone who is a self confessed shiny things appreciators, I have to admit that I didn’t find out about RAM Jewelry until of late. Better late than never though, right?

RAM Jewelry has been around for about a year now and this month, they celebrate their very first birthday! RAM – an acronym of the owners/founders, the mother and daughter team of Rose and Martina, was born from their love for beautiful shinies.

Their aesthetics are classic, flirty, fun and feminine and you can easily see this in their collections. The latest collection of bangles si called London Calling and is so adorable and sweet! You can stack them on your wrist or have just one!

The new Luxe collection is true to its name. They use freshwater pearls and semi precious stones, set in beautiful designs! I also love their necklaces, especially their constellation pendants!

While all of their jewelry is made with silver as the base metal, some of them are dipped in gold or rose gold to add colors,texture and dimensions. Stones are CZ however their Luxe collection uses freshwater pearls and semi precious stones as jewels.

Check out their online store by going to their website: