There’s something quirky about Project Pie. I think it’s more directed to the younger crowd than it is to my generation. (Gosh, if that isn’t a statement about being old, I don’t know what is.) The ethos of being able to “create” your own pizza is such a thrilling notion that it’s almost a break from the constricting usual written options for pizzas in any other restaurant. If you’re a parent, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of kids picking things off from a pizza you’ve ordered for everyone or how one kid would say “I just really wanted it to be topped with pepperoni and pineapple” and another would immediately pipe in with “But I hate pineapple!” It’s for that very reason that I decided to take my kids to Project Pie in Alabang.

The interiors of the place is very much in theme with the concept of the restaurant. Industrial touches such as the metal stairs and the old style warehouse light bulbs give the feeling of something being constructed – in this case, it was your pizza. There wasn’t a huge selection of toppings, which is a blessing, really because then it would take the kids forever to choose. The toppings were pretty standard – probably chosen because of their popularity from their target market. You had two choices for the pizza base – red or white sauce. Then you get to choose whatever you want to put on top of it plus the sauce.

I loved the service they gave the kids. The guys behind the counter were so sincere and they were really giving the kids a chance to act like grown ups in choosing their pizza. Extra points go to the dude who immediately knew who was who between the twins. On a mommy note, I loved the fact that they had wine to go with the pizza. *wink, wink*

At 300 pesos per person (on average) for a sizable personal pizza and two trips to the soda station, I’d say it’s a good deal.  The service is great and the kids loved the pizzas.

Project Pie is located at Block 28, Commerce Avenue, Alabang. For inquiries, call them at 2548927