You know how you get to see a place online or on instagram and it looks really amazing but when you get there it’s such a let down? *cough, Camp Netanya, cough* There was that fear with Prado Farms but I am happy to report that it was everything I hoped it would be – and more!

The clan aka Brgy De Guzman, always has a vacay somewhere. A couple of years ago it was in Batanes, we’ve also been to El Nido and this year, we decided to go somewhere nearer: Pampanga. My aunt and I chose Prado farms because it was big enough to accommodate all of us and it had enough stuff to do for everyone to enjoy.

Online, you can see that the reviews are great. The art installations made from discarded materials are really clever and quite cute. The gates alone are a talking point: tens of old LPG tanks are welded on the heavy iron gates that open to lush foliage and seemingly shy houses that hide behind trees and shrubs and plants.

The property is peppered with these small houses that remind me of Las Casas De Acuzar: Colonial Spanish homes with old heavy wood furniture and antiques, all reminding us of how Pinoy life used to be. I admit, the place is super photogenic. Every corner and nook is insta-worthy.

Lots to do as well: Carabao pulled cart rides, free bikes to use around the property, have your fill of free coffee and tea (and hot chocolate the way the old days used to make it during breakfast), have a massage, swim in the filtered salt water pool at the back, wander around the farm or just take a nap. Let the kids roam free and take your slow, sweet self-care time.

I’m not sure though if they’re trying to really make the place super rustic or if the maintenance just isn’t meeting the bar. The shop was dusty and full of mosquitos (I’m just stubborn enough to go in and stay to hunt for stuff. I did get some cool stuff but also got tons of mozzie bites.) The rooms are nothing to write home about and the balconies are quite filthy and neglected.

However, even with that, I would STILL GO BACK. I would love to stay for another weekend and this time, maybe I’ll even plant some rice in the paddy. 😉