Living in the city can oftentimes stress you out. A change of scenery and pace is often required and another sad fact is that there aren’t much places to go to and see in the city, other than the malls. Travel buddy and I decided that we needed to get out of the city to have some semblance of sanity.

The weather wasn’t cooperating with us so we had to make a choice from the places that are within the city’s outskirts. We chose Antipolo and the Pinto Art Museum. We figured – Art, fresh air, gardens, food – it’s a win win situation for everyone!

I’ve long heard of and pined to go to Pinto Art Museum but my schedule never afforded me to. So, that week, we decided to make time for it. On a different note, I am a firm believer of the “aaahhhhfukkit!” philosophy. You know? The one where you throw your hands in the air and say “Ahh! Fuck it!” and do whatever it is that your current state is telling you to do – with the exception of anything illegal or murderous. I’ve always had positive results from this philosophy. Either with experience or a funny story to tell at a later time.

Pinto Art Museum is quite a delight. I’ve been advised to visit when it isn’t raining as the grounds can get muddy. Mother Nature had other plans that day so I reverted to the philosophy. To be honest, the place looked even more magical with the rain. Yes, there were muddy parts and when the rains got really heavy and strong, we were stuck in one section. But to be surrounded by nature, art and people who appreciate art – how is that an unfortunate situation? The rains gave the place this otherworldly gloss, making the outdoor art even more captivating.

The art was great. The grounds are amazing. The food is okay. The staff are the ones who make this place really nice. If you really want to fully enjoy the experience, put down your camera/phone for a while and just be there.



  • P200 for regular ticket
  • P180 for senior citizens and PWD with valid IDs
  • P100 for children and students with proper school IDs
  • Free for children below 3 years old
  • Non-residents of the village are required to pay a P20 access fee. Parking is available along the street.

Pinto Art Museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The museum is CLOSED on MONDAYS.

1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights, Antipolo, Rizal

  • Contact info: (02) 6971015
  • Email:
  • Facebook page: Pinto Art Museum.