The Short+Sweet International, in partnership with the Australian Embassy, joins the Manila Biennale, to launch the first-ever PINK Shorts Manila on February 24-25, 2018 (Saturday & Sunday), at the Teatrillo in Casa Manila, Intramuros. The Short+Sweet International is known for featuring each piece of performance artwork in a span of 10 minutes or less. PINK Shorts Manila is the LGBT component of Short+Sweet that aims to deliver a selection of contemporary stories of LGBTQI struggles and aspirations, while providing an additional platform for artists to showcase their talents.

Short+Sweet Founder Mark Cleary, alongside with PINK Shorts Manila Executive Producer Quincy Raya, MD., has appointed Rhadem Camlian Morados to be this edition’s Festival Director. According to Morados, “As an advocate of LGBT rights from Mindanao, this is a monumental effort in benefit to our long cause, and that is to provide a platform for the untold stories of LGBT struggles and aspirations.”

The program will start at 07:30PM, besides presenting 6 short plays and 6 short films, PINK Shorts Manila will also feature performances & exhibitions of local LGBT artists who are known for their craft. In addition, there will be also be a party hosted by JUNGLE Circuit Party to close the two-day festival.


Friends Lang Po

Written & Directed: Steve Banua Sanchez


Written: Maynard Manansala

Directed: Ron Binas

It Doesn’t

Written & Directed: John Jerome Mangoya

Oh Yes Gameshow

Written: Bunny Cadag

Directed: BJ Ocampo

Written:  Mark Shandii Bacolod

Directed: Unknown

Ledge of Reality

Directed: Howard Yambao

Written: Mark Cleary




Directed: Ralph Lauren Quincena



Directed: Adeline Clemente

Ang Gugmang Ti-unay ni Daniella

Directed: Chloe Veloso

What I Would’ve Told My Daughter if I Knew What to Say Back Then

Directed: Cha Roque

Sorry For The Inconvenience

Directed: Carl Adrian Chavez

Short+Sweet is a global festival brand, founded in Australia, that gathers together highly successful forms of performance arts – from theater and dance to cabaret and song festivals around the world, where each piece is performed in a span of 10 minutes or less. In the Philippines, the organization has already launched the Short+Sweet Theatre and the Short+Sweet Film Festival, with some of the works featured in Hollywood.

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