Chef Avi Shani, Adrian Saydoven, Alpheratz Azarias, Christian Cabral

FABTECH Kitchen Unlimited Inc.’s latest venture is Gelateneo, a training ground for artisanal gelato craft, was recently launched in an enthralling Italian inspired evening that transformed its modern industrial training hall into a Mediterranean enclave for gustatory delights.

For the launch, media guests were ferried by a fleet of Maserati cars and were ushered into a mini museum outlining the history and art of gelato. Because there’s nothing like being in an actual Maserati car and being driven to a place where you are going to have gelato. Can someone please make sure I never wake up from this dream? It was the perfect setting for a totally chic cocktail reception, replete with a live string quartet, champagne fountain and gelato tasting bar. Cool car, cold treats and cocktails. Heaven.

Prior to dinner, a special tour and demonstration of the art gelato on the Gelateneo kitchen, highlighting the latest state-of-the-art machines by Cattabriga was conducted by master gelato Chef Giacomo Schiavon for the media and VIP guests which initiated them into the world of Gelateneo and the exacting processes needed to craft world-class gelato.

A short programme followed where guests were treated to a specially prepared FABTECH avp and welcome remarks by Kelly Go. Midway through dinner and highlight of the evening finally came as guests were given a peek into how their dessert, “Gelato Tiramisu” was being prepared via a special live camera feed from the Gelateneo kitchen onto the LED wall monitors in the dining hall.

The sensory journey was masterfully annotated by program host Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi with insights shared by Chef Giacomo. Guests were further indulged by the specially curated five course menu by Manila’s celebrated Chef Margarita Fores. Dinner culminated with servings of fabulous espresso prepared via WMF Espresso machines by RICMAS. Guests departed with the lingering complex flavours and textures of the evenings repast on their palate and one truly memorable dining experience.


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