Ohayou, Osaka! Japan has always been on my bucket list of must go places before I kick the bucket. I find the whole charm of its culture, people and cuisine to be so fascinating. This year, with the kids in tow, we decided to go to Osaka for our family vacation!

Pre Vacation Tips

Visas. Visas are important. It’s actually more convenient to get your travel agency to assist you with procuring the visas. One weird thing though, for those who have just graduated and/or have just started working, they’ll require your high school transcript of records, so get that.

If you’re traveling with kids, make sure that you have their school IDs with them. Prep their medicine bag too – such as their usual allergy meds or any other medication that they usually take. It may be hard for you to find the same meds. Teach your kids some basic phrases such as “thank you”, “excuse me” and “Do you speak English?”. This would help a lot! Plus it’s always cute to see the people responding to your attempt to speak the language.

Culture and Cuisine

Osaka is not as fast paced and intense as Tokyo but it can still be a bit overwhelming. A trip to Osaka isn’t complete if you don’t take time to visit the temples and the parks. For this trip, we decided to visit Nara park to see and feed the deers as well the temples and museums.

Nara park is considered home to the deers that have free reign of the place. I initially thought that they would have to be coaxed and bribed with food but apparently, they’re so used to the tourists that they’re the ones harassing the tourists!

The park also has a museum and temples. It makes for a great cultural stop and the setting is very IG worthy!

The food is also amazing!! The world famous Donburi street is a street food fanatic’s dream come true! The street is peppered with different small restaurants with their own specialties – ramen, sushi, sashimi, takoyaki, gyoza, tonkatsu, etc. A must try is the Dragon Ramen (can be easily found by looking for a derpy looking dragon atop the stall) and the next door sashimi place.

Getting Around

There are lots of ways to get around Osaka. Highly recommended is walking. Explore the radius of your hotel and take a peek into the little shops. You can also take the taxi but it’s quite expensive. We suggest that you take the trains instead. Not only are they on time, they are also very clean and fast!

There are other places to see and lots of things to do in Osaka – the most famous one is of course, Universal Studios! More on that on our next post!

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