Remember those times when you were younger (Well, at least for the Gen X-ers out there) and your folks or your grandparents would tell you to “eat your vegetables, drink water and go out there and play”? Or when you were feeling ill, they would take you to an albularyo (nature doctor) or a hilot (Filipino masseuse)? Growing up, I never really appreciated that. I thought it was all hoopla of random leaves being burned or ground up. Clearly though, our old folks were on to something that we now desperately need – holistic medicine and therapy.

In this tech-driven world where everything is fast paced and often processed to resemble something that is organic, we have realized the importance of going back to basics and appreciating how our folks wanted us to live. We now appreciate the importance and benefits of relaxing, taking time off, slowing down and taking naps. Naps. When I was a kid, I hated naps because it took my precious playing time away. Now all I want are naps on tap.

Nurture Wellness Village promises to give you at the very least, a semblance of relaxation. To start with, it’s not on the usual route or roads. Most people would think that’s a negative point but in actuality, it’s awesome. Being away from the main road means that it is quiet and serene, a much needed aspect of relaxation.

The rooms are simple but has your creature comforts – the bed was comfy, the bathroom is clean and the little balcony of our room had a nice view of the forest behind the property. I had my moment with my tiny spider and a visit from some bright blue woodpeckers – or at least that’s what I thought they were.

The “village” grounds are well manicured and maintained. There is a large area for glamping and some outside areas for massages. A pool is also there for the guests to dip in, if they want. On weekends, they have the local kids perform cultural dances.

The food was also simple but healthy and tasty. The only fault I would have to say is that their “cocktails” are too syrupy. I think the bartender does not have a real gauge of sweetness. You’re better off with just the carrot and cucumber infused water or the teas.

For what you’re paying for, you are getting the best bang for your buck. The packages and rates are quite affordable and worth it, with the inclusions and all. Check their packages out on their website.