Le Petit Soufflé in Megamall is not petit at all. The Japanese French cafe is quite grand and so are their servings. But I will get to that later.

Located at the Fashion Hall wing of Megamall, Le Petit Soufflé offers patrons food and drinks that are obviously French but are brought up Japanese. That is the closest description I can surmise with what I have experienced. The interiors are warm and cute – very cutesy French though, which is quintessential Japnese! I know, I know. Bear with me.

I joke about how Mocha Uson may not like it here because the color is predominantly yellow. But it makes the place happy and encourages customers to eat more.

And eat more you must! Servings here are rather huge. Good for at least two people. Sige na nga, puede na din para sa isang tao pero dapat super patay gutom ka, yung tipong 23 years ka nang di kumakain. Yes. It is that big. The porcine soufflé I had lasted me for at least two eatings (this meal and then dinner)

I advise that you stay away from the calaboo butter, unless you prefer to be disappointed. Unfair na unfair yung ratio ng bread sa calaboo butter. Isang loaf to a one inch by one inch block. Oh. And singtigas ng yelo yung butter. Sablay, bes. Sablay.

Not much options with drinks but the hot matcha tea saved the day. Be prepared to have green poop after though.

All in all, it was an okay experience. IG worthy place but maybe a quirk thing for food.