News broke out about the new version of the Philippine e-passport. This new passport is reported to be “highly fraud and tampering proof” The new version of the passport will be ready for release starting April of this year.

If you have a still valid passport, don’t rush to get the new version. Your current passport is still valid and will work – maybe it’s just not that pretty, but it works. If you try to renew your passport now, you’ll still get the old version so better to hold off on renewing until the new version has been rolled out.

According to Ambassador Cabactulan, this latest version is the most secured version and has an embedded chip that stores the passport holder’s information. This chip can also be upgraded. With the cahnges in aesthetics and security, will the Pinoys expect to pay a higher amount? That’s the good news – the fees are still the same for renewing your passport but you still have to wait the usual 4 weeks for the renewal.


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