Movenpick Hotel – Mactan, Cebu

The view from our room

When in Cebu, I usually have my favorite place to stay at and I rarely stray away from my choice. However, this time around, I was delightfully surprised with Movenpick Hotel and the whole lifestyle ethos that is the foundation of the hotel/resort.

My initial skepticism stems from the fact that most of the people I know that stayed there were of the “younger” crowd. The kids that love to party the way I loved to party 20 years ago. Being a more mature woman, I have decidedly resigned myself from the party scene and prefer to define my parties as ones that involve pajamas and a bottle of wine in front of the TV. Yes. #TitasOfManila.

However, I was delightfully surprised when Movenpick proved to be anything but just a party place. Truth is, it is popular among the younger set but that’s not all that it’s about. Let’s start with the free chocolate experience. FREE. CHOCOLATE. I’ll just leave that right there. I mean, who does not want chocolate? If you do, then please remove yourself from my presence, you heathen. Every day, from 3 – 4 PM, you may have your chocolate fill at the lobby of the hotel. Chocolate is believed to increase dopamine and increases happiness! Believe me when I tell you that the entire hotel just wants you to be happy.

If you’re into the whole healthy and organic route, you can partake of the early morning power shots (also for free) at the health bar near the cabanas. You can have a plethora of healthy organic powershots that range from oranges, watermelon, carrots, celery and other fruits and veggies to start your day. I personally recommend anything that has watermelon in it. YUM!

The Ibiza Beach Club is another hotel “feature” that is quite brilliant, actually. I use the word “feature” very loosely because it’s a magnificent piece of lifestyle on its own. “You can come in in your best outfit and have dinner in the Conservatory or you can come in your slippers and swimsuit and just hang out by the jacuzzi or the net pods! So long as you are comfortable and happy, we are happy too!” Mister Manny Osmena or Manny O to everyone else (He is Mister O to me) passionately exclaims. What he is providing is not just an establishment where you can eat and drink – he wants you to come in and have an experience!

And what an experience it was! The churrasco got me having meat sweats but I just could not stop eating! My favorites were the ostrich, the parrotfish, lamb, lobster, beef ribs and the chicken! Good Lord, if I could only sit there and eat forever, I would… but there was still dessert.

Now, being lactose intolerant means I can’t have anything that has dairy. I know, I know – sad. I did have a few teaspoons just to taste and by george, I have never hated being lactose intolerant until the moment that I had a taste of the vanilla and their salted caramel ice cream. Do not let your stay in Movenpick pass you by without having a go at their famous ice cream.

What I loved the most was the sincerity of each and every employee I had a chance to meet. They are genuinely happy and eager to help and assist. One has to think what they have been putting in their water and where I can get some of those.

“The fun begins at Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu,” says General Manager, Harold Rainfroy. “This is a place where comfort meets fun and new experiences. We take cues from our Swiss heritage of passion and innovation in all means of service. With our philosophy on customer focus, we seek to provide delight in every encounter, to ensure a pleasurable stay for everyone. Our approach to hospitality is fresh, trendy and energetic, and these you will see and taste in every corner – from the tropical grounds to our stylish rooms, dining outlets and entertainment scene.”

I guess I have a new favorite place to stay at when in Cebu.

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