Although there is a similar restaurant of sorts here in the Philippines (Boracay, I think) the original concept restaurant was started in Taipei, Taiwan. One can have a really weird experience when one goes to the Modern Toilet Restaurant.

Being a very good mother, I engaged my daughter to convince my mother that this place is a must see and go to when one is in Taipei. I was very serious and convincing, making it look like it was all my daughter’s idea. You can see where the great parenting side comes from, eh? Truth be told, she was pretty excited about going and I was pretty excited too although they frown upon adults who jump up and down like a kid when he or she is excited.

We were in luck as the owner of the restaurant was also there! He recommended some dishes and let us enjoy the whole atmosphere of the place.

Now, there is something weird about sipping your drink out of a portable urinary bottle or sipping soup from a toilet bowl but the whole weird experience for me was going to the actual bathroom. For a moment there, I was very very confused.

If ever you’re in Taipei, go visit the very unique and fun resto: 108, Taiwan, Taipei City, Wanhua District, Lane 50, Xining S Rd

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