One of the two places that were recommended for me to go to in Taiwan was the Minimal Cat Cafe. Don’t ask me why it’s called minimal but I would surmise that the name comes from the fact that the place does have minimal decor but not lacking in cute cats.

Cat cafes are a trend in Taiwan and Japan – where patrons of the cafe can have small meals and the drinks of their choice with a side of cat. Not a side dish but really cute and fat cats that will sit on your lap and will strongly encourage you to pet them.

To say that there are cats in the cafe is a vast understatement. The cats rule the place. They have free reign to go wherever they please and if you’re not a cat person, best to move on to a different cafe. You can’t help but fall in love with them though. They are so fluffy and regal!! My daughter and her friend basically ignored the food and just played, petted and chased after the cats. They even gave the cats “jobs”! The cat next to the coffee machine was the barista cat and the cat sleeping by the register was the supervisor.

The drinks and food is not that inspiring. It’s okay and filling but nothing too spectacular. One goes there because they love cats and they can have their meals and pet cats without being judged. Another thing I love about the cat cafe is that they rescue these cats from the streets. These fat and cute cats were once strays and the cat cafe owner took them in and made them (literally) part of the cafe.

Minimal Café
No. 42, Lane 2, Taishun Street,
Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
Telephone: +886 2 23629734

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