For a lengthy period of time, I used the pseudonym Mnemosyne – borne out of my love for Greek mythology and the somewhat tragic story of the lesser known goddess/titan. She is the mother of the 9 muses with her nephew Zeus, the daughter of the Titans Gaia and Uranus, and is known to be the personification of mnemonics or Memory.

Memory is quite the essential foundation of Greek learning and education which is why Mnemosyne is revered as a goddess even though technically Titans are not considered as such. It’s easy to understand why when we think about out own experiences and memories. We’ve all been gripped and held by powerful memories from a place we used to go to, a photograph of someone we used to know or flavors of our childhood. But nothing is as powerful as a memory triggered by our sense of smell.

Memo Paris knows this very well and they have passionately developed and created their fragrances with this concept. “We would like to translate the memories – good memories – that we have experienced into scents and also have the wearer create new memories” Thomas Yasuda, Memo International SA, SVP for Asia and Oceana says. Memo Paris actually means memory, and it is the development of the scents to match our olfactory senses that is the driving force behind Memo. Well, amongst other things.

I was curious about the design of the bottles as well. Each fragrance had an artsy but definitely art deco feel to it. From the gilded glitter and glint of gold, to the use of patterns and swirls, each bottle was like a work of art on its own. Thomas revealed that before they start creating a fragrance, Clara and the creative team would write haikus that would in turn, inspire the scent and the bottle design. I thought that was utterly delightful! Each Memo Paris bottle is genuinely a marriage of art and science!

Memo Paris is exclusively distributed by Art of Scent (shops are at Okada and Shangri-la Plaza Mall)