Organic farminga t Costales

I am and will forever more be a “probinsyana” and that is one privilege that I wish my kids would have. I remember having so much fun bathing the pigs with my mom, harvesting the cantankerous langka fruits from our front lawn and chasing after the geese and turkeys we kept as “pets” (Of course, I use the term “pet” loosely).

Unfortunately in this day and age, it’s getting harder and harder to expose the kids to the farming life. Farms are now dwindling and most kids these days think that all food come from the supermarket. Thank goodness there are still places like the Costales Nature Farm in Majayjay, Laguna that can teach kids (and some adults as well) the joys of farming and the importance of taking care of nature. The farm is labeled as an agri-eco tourist establishment that offers overnight accommodations and gives the visitors the first hand experience on how to take care of veggies and animals the organic way.

You can also try your hand at harvesting the crops. The kids had so much fun with this and were attempting to harvest everything! You can take your harvests home too, just make sure you have them weighed first and pay at the counter.

One can also enjoy the very cold water of Imelda falls – just a few minutes ride from the farm. I am not kidding when I say that it’s cold! Let’s just say that people were putting their drinks in the water to keep them cool; that kind of cold. The waterfalls may be a highlight to some but what really got me was the walk to the falls. It was like being in a real life Jurassic Park – with all the large ferns, moss and all the different animals that skitter back and forth at the path as you walk.

Don’t forget to visit the town too! Make your way to Buddy’s but make sure you’re there early as the place can get full. It’s worth it though – as the pancit is something to write home about and the longganisa is equally impressive.