Nelson Canlas channeling his inner Jedi/Sith hybrid

Welcome to Victoria Court: a place where love wins, where there is always a chance for a renewal and where we can see and eagerly welcome the future!

July 13, 2016, marked another milestone for Victoria Court – the first ever “BED CON” (Presscon in BED) with their uber sexy power couple Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles. The Renewal, theme for the night, expresses not just the continuation of the strong relationship of Victoria Court and the entertainment world’s sweetest couple but also the reminder that all kinds of love are welcome with open arms.

To emphasize that love always wins at Victoria Court, Managing Director Angelina Mead King and her gorgeous wife Joey Mead King surprised the crowd as they walked thru the electronic doors of the Space Wars Party Suite at Victoria Court Canley, showing their support and love for their good friends and their advocacy. Some of the industry’s top news and entertainment personalities were there to show their support. Partying with the ambassadors were Nelson Canlas, MJ Marfori, Oscar Oida and Camille Abadicio, that’s just to name a few.

It was an amazing night – sci-fi ambiance, chill music, comfortable chit-chat and literally “out of this world” food. Since Victoria Court is known for their thematic parties, they created a special intergalactic menu, just to make sure you get the theme of the night. Examples are the Dark Side Burgers, Master’s Tofu and the crowd favorite – “A-TAY fighters”, Liver wrapped in bacon and sandwiched between 2 purple nacho chips. Very creative and innovative, a complete experience created to tickle all the senses – sight, sound and taste. If you were able to check out my Facebook live video, you can see just how awesome this suite is!  But for emphasis, let me list down some important details about the party room:

  1. You can rent this room for a party or just for you to live out your inner Jedi fantasy. Maximum number of people it can accommodate comfortably is at about 15 – 20.
  2. Yes, you can arrange for a complete party package – with food and drinks. You can have the thematic food or you can arrange something with the chef for certain dishes you’d want. I seriously love their sinigang.
  3. Yes, you can have the storm troopers appear in the party for a fee. Just let them know.
  4. Yes, there are some costumes and props that you can use and play with. They have Jedi robes, a Darth Vader helmet, light sabers, storm trooper pew pews and the pièce de ré·sis·tance, the very interactive millennium falcon cockpit. I strongly suggest that you command your guests to be in costume!

Anything else that you have in mind or just want to clear stuff up, you may contact them by clicking here.

Overall, the Celebrity Ambassador launch was more than just a renewal of a contract, it was more than just a usual event, it was a statement. Victoria Court’s message is loud and clear – We welcome all kinds of love with open arms.

Love is Love. One love… Only at Victoria Court.