LA in four days. It sounds like a title for a really funny movie but this was real. I had to go to Los Angeles for work and I would only be there for 4 days. So, how does one mix work with some sight seeing? You can’t. But what you can do is to see the sights just where you are and you can be pleasantly surprised.


Everywhere is a great place to get a selfie or an ootd photo. There’s great street art, architecture, lights, foliage, etc! All you have to do is look. We had a wonderful time walking and snapping away. Koreatown is actually starting to be the cool place to be at and that’s not just for the barbeque.

I don’t know why but everytime magseselfie ako eh parang ang perfect ng lighting. Super gandang ganda ako sa sarili ko kahit puyat at haggard ako. Maybe it’s the whole LA vibe/ atmosphere, maybe it’s the California sun and sky combo – who knows? Tsaka parang kahit saan ka tumayo eh aurang aura ka, maski sa dumpster. Mind you, pareho lang ang bougainvillea nila sa atin pero pag nag selfie ka sa bougainvillea nila parang ang sushal sushal mo.

Humor aside though, I think the best way to describe it is that the vibe and the whole LA ethos translates even in photos.

The Getty Museum

This was a highlight of my trip. The museum was absolutey beautiful – outside and in. From the grounds you can see a great view of Los Angeles and one of its suburbs. Inside were beautiful paintings and sculptures. The whole building in itself is like an artwork and getting there was half the fun!

I wish we had more time to roam around though as the place was massive! You probably need about half a day just to roam around and see all the artwork.

Hollywood, baby

Of course the tourist staple is the Hollywood walk of Fame and Hollywood boulevard. My suggestion is to wallow in it. Seriously. Stop walking and looking at the stars on your feet. Stand still and watch people go by. Watch the impersonators and other people. Be inspired by the diversity of Hollywood! Oh, and get some diner food too. It’s awesome!

If you’re lucky enough, your work will involve a visit to the E! Hollywood Studios! Chanced on Guiliana’s dressing room but did not see her though.

LA Dreams

It was a quick fun trip. Went to Malibu for a party too. I’ve been to LA before but this was the first time I kind of saw LA from a different perspective. I guess that should be the ethos of travel, right? That you should travel with your heart and enjoy what you see, where you are.

I’ll see you again soon LA. I promise.

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