To begin with, I already am a huge fan of kimchi. I love it with everything – steak, soups, rice, on its own… you get the idea. Being in Korea, the birthplace of kimchi, I was more excited about the aspect of food than shopping or snow.

My very first authentic Korean meal was a hot udon soup with pickled radish and kimchi. It is a simple breakfast, that I can factually say, however it was what I needed in the current weather we were in.

Korean food is very healthy. They do put a premium on the freshness of the food – regardless of level/type of restaurant. From street food to fine dining, it’s all about how fresh the ingredients are. One of my favorite food experience was the grilled lobster tail at the corner of our hotel and Myeong-dong street. This culinary trait comes from hundreds of years of tradition and having backyard gardens.

How did it go? It was delicious! Well worth the KRW15000 which is about 300 something pesos.

There is this beautiful synchronicity of simplicity and complexity in Korean food. The ingredients may be simple, the method or manner of cooking is simple but the way it is put together makes it so deliciously harmonious! Each dish has a purpose! Take for example the ginseng chicken. It looks simple with a simple broth, boiled chicken and some veggies but it was a perfect dish that helped us get warm, the ginseng boiled with the dish also has medicinal properties that can help boost your immune system, thus helping you fight off colds.

Tea houses are popular in Seoul and the K-dramas have been helping boost its popularity even more. On Itaewon street, tea houses are both the old style ones and the new more modern ones. They do love their tea and I’m now hooked on jujube tea!

Sweets and desserts are also a big thing in Seoul. There was a poop shaped waffle; traditional sweet potato crispy ribbon that comes out of this machine and waffles and waffles. They like their waffles. I don’t blame them!

The dumplings in Myeongdong Kyoja is a must try! They are so fresh and so well done that one order wasn’t enough! The noodle soup was pretty good as well.

There were slightly offbeat food as well, like these things.

I believe that they’re some sort of pupae or larvae of some insect. The seller was saying “silkworm” as he was pointing to it. Or her could have been saying sick worm, I’m not quite sure. It smells like shrimp and initially tastes like shrimp. The after taste is definitely nothing like shrimp.

We also had the experience of making our own kimchi! The kids had fun doing it and all I wanted to do was eat it!

I wasn’t able to try the other famous street food like the octopus tentacles and the omelette! I guess this means that I have to go back!