If it’s authentic Japanese food you want, there’s nowhere else to go but Little Tokyo in Makati. There are several specialty restaurants there but my favorite thus far is Kagura and their deliciously haunting Okonomiyaki or as I call it, the “takoyaki pizza”

Kagura is the “baseball” restaurant in Little Tokyo. A lot of Japanese people are huge fans of baseball and the decor of the place makes this evident. I love the little baseball bobble heads on the counter and the cute tiger mascots. The place is small but the feel is definitely Japanese. If you prefer to sit on normal chairs, sit by the bar and have a first hand view of the chef cooking your food. If you want to eat the Japanese way, there are tables and pillows for you to sit on.

Okonomiyaki is the restaurant specialty and as with all other restaurants in the Little Tokyo area, they each have their own specialty. I would highly recommend that you resto-hop the place. Not only would it be an amazing gastronomical experience but it also makes you feel like you’re going around Japan without hopping into a plane.

There are several toppings you can choose from so take your pick. Also order a glass of plum wine to go with your okonomiyaki, it’s a perfect combination. You also get free fresh fruits for dessert! The food is just amazing and when I said it haunts you, it really does. You go home thinking about it and remembering the taste and you will be back for more, I promise you.

The food is just one good point of Kagura, another reason why I go back there is the service. The waitresses are always smiling, quick to take your order and are so polite. I don’t mind giving them a huge tip every time I’m there because they deserve it.

Since the place is quite small and there are specific times that they’re open, I supremely suggest that you call them for reservations. Kagura is only open at these specific times: 11:30AM – 1:30PM and then 6PM – 10PM. On Saturdays they’re open from 11AM to 11PM however they are closed on Mondays.

Kagura is in Little Tokyo, Chino Roces Ave. Legazpi Village, Makati. Call them for more information or reservations at (02) 894-3656

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