About four Christmases ago, I bought a small trampoline for the kids to play with. They loved it and bounced on it until it was worn down. They were telling me about how much more fun it would be if we had a bigger one or maybe a whole building that’s just filled with these bouncy things and I thought to myself – yeah, that WOULD be fun. So, when I heard of this trampoline park, I just had to take the kids. It was also a perfect excuse for me to get some exercise and to be able to bounce around like a kid without being judged.

The place is strategically located in Pasig, right next to the Fun Ranch. So there’s already that captured target market there. It’s a bit way off for us folks living in the south but I thought it was worth the drive. Plus factor is that it’s on Waze so you won’t have any problems trying to look for the place. Parking can be a bit of a snag as the place can get full on weekends and holidays. There’s this pay parking building across Jump Yard or you can park in Tiendesitas and walk your way over.

Getting tickets and getting on a schedule

To be able to bounce around inside, one must sign a waiver, purchase a ticket and get on a “bouncing” schedule. Schedules are color coded so one will get an appropriate wristband. Entrance is at P250 per person for an hour. Oh, and you would have to buy their expensive grip socks, if you don’t have one. It’s at 100 pesos a pair. While I do understand the importance of grip socks for safety reasons, I think a pair of badly sewn socks (mine tore off at the toes 20 minutes into the bouncing) at 100 pesos is just a wee bit too much.

I personally didn’t like the layout of the place. You had to go up to the 3rd floor to sign the waiver, purchase tickets and get your wristbands. Then you have to watch a safety video after that. The third floor however, was more of a party place rather than a streamlined area for ticket purchases. People were eating, talking and all around. The place was too small to accommodate a surge of people. Take note that it was a public holiday yesterday so naturally, a LOT of people were there. We couldn’t watch the safety video properly. Not a good start. There was the ticket area at the second floor but I can’t understand why it wasn’t done there. Oh well…

Maybe because it was a holiday and there were too many customers than staff, the place gave off a filthy impression for me. Empty water bottles left everywhere, plates with half finished food on the table and food on the floor (which made it sticky). At this point, I wasn’t in a happy mood anymore.

Another negative point? The ticket staff were probably so tired and harried that they weren’t even trying to pretend to be happy. They were grumpy and curt. One of my pet peeves!!! Grr!

Going in

After you’ve sorted out the schedule and tickets and waivers, you can get a locker for P100 (refundable after you give back the key and receipt) so you can stow your valuables. You have to take off your shoes and wear the grip socks.


This area needs to be thought out as well. the place is just too small for everyone who is scheduled to go in next. Perhaps a holding area outside would be better. There was chaos when people were trying to get in and get out.

Bounce Paradise

Here’s where everything else was redeemed. The whole play area was huge! There were Olympic trampolines that you can jump on and do flips and land on a pool full of foam. There was a dodgeball trampoline court (that the kids and one very large kid enjoyed), there was the open jump area, a cage ball area and a basketball dunk shot area.

Marshals were everywhere to ensure safety rules were followed and they weren’t averse to kicking someone out if they didn’t follow the rules. That was one thing I really appreciated.

The kids went nuts! They literally bounced from one area to another, laughing and flopping on the foam pits.

The Verdict:

I admit, I had fun. I had loads of fun and I sweated and I was able to exercise and spend time with the boys. It was great, albeit the other stuff that needs to be improved on.