Renowned Filipina jewelry designer and three-time Katha Awards winner Ann Ong continues to make her mark on the global change as she presents her newest collection of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces, titled Surround yourself with Nature, at New York.
Ann Ong, an esteemed style purveyor who picked up the “Best Designer” award in February 2016 Winter show at New York Now for her SustainAbility Clutch– continues to capture the imagination of stylistas and delights the fashion elite with her intricately gilded pieces that merge the organic with the opulent. As an artist, she showcases her keen eye for detail and proud Filipina roots by using humble materials such as the homely banig, bamboo and even salvaged wood, elevating these into impressive obra maestras.

“I have always been driven to find the beauty in materials and pieces that people often overlook and underappreciate. I salvage materials and find ways to repurpose stuff I find, as I want to show people that the ‘common’ can also be transformed into something extraordinary,” she says.

In her 2018 collection, Ann Ong once again shows her penchant for the opulent, using an array of precious metals, rare stones and hammered gold (crafted by hand by the artisans) that are wielded together with a light and gentle touch.

Different sized minauderies boast an intricate cage of gold with gems and crystals such as rough-cut amethyst, tourmaline and pearls shining bright against the polished canvas. Each piece becomes a style statement – elegant, powerful and timeless in its beauty. Ann Ong’s Banig Clutch as well as Bamboo Clutch are reintroduced with new stylish interpretations that are fitting for the elegant lady who wishes to stand out.

For her neck pieces, cuffs and accessories in her Opulencia and Surround Yourself With Nature collections, Ann Ong looks to the outside world for inspiration and captures her audience’s imagination by reflecting the different forms of the wild – Spring blooms, dragonflies in flight, weaving vines, and the mysterious depths of vibrant sea. While her pieces are definitely opulent, Ann Ong achieves a balance, lending an earthy, grounded appeal to her collection.

“Nature is an endless, inexhaustible source of inspiration, from its brilliant palette of hues to its differing forms and everything in between. When you seek to understand the world with a sense of wonder and fresh eyes, you gain a greater appreciation of what surrounds us. And this is what I want to capture,” ends Ann Ong.

Catch Ann Ong’s exhibit at Booth number 3171, Jacob Javits Center At Artisan Resource New York Now from February 4 to 7, 2018. Or visit her stores at Asia Society Museum at Park Avenue New York , Cincinnati Museum and Shangri-La the Fort Hotel. For the complete collections, you may also visit Follow her Instagram page  @anngianinnaong.

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