Pelicans are a common sight along the river

Australia has a lot of places to go to – from the usual places known by tourists and then there are those that are almost like little secrets that you are torn between sharing to the world (because you can be generous about a place) or keeping it a secret (because you can be selfish about a place). I’m going through that right now with Laurieton and North Haven.

About 4 – 5 hours drive away from Sydney, Laurieton and North Haven is up north. The most popular recreational and almost tourist-y place in that area is Port Macquarie. Laurieton is a coastal town and is the largest in the Camden Haven district.

It’s easy to fall in love with the laid back and relaxed atmosphere of the place. It reminds me of my old hometown when I was growing up in Lingayen. The population is modest, so you do have that sense of community where everyone knows almost everybody else. It’s unbelievably utopic.

So, what can you do while here? Fishing. Fishing is a way of life here and also a lifestyle. Kids and adults alike enjoy the sport and can seem to just go anywhere in the river and cast in a line. Swimming is another activity you can do – from swimming at the “baths” which is a cordoned off area in the river, to swimming at the beach (you have several beaches to choose from in the area), you always have some water activity that you can do. Boats? Yep. Kayak? Yep. Dinghys? Yep. Jet-ski? Apparently, yep as of writing.

You can also have a picnic and cook right there on the grounds by using the council barbies! have a beer, cook some sausages or the fish you caught, watch the sunset and just chill. You can also go clamming or catching pippies, pick the macadamia nuts that fall off the trees that line the roads and sidewalks or take really long picturesque walks along the river.

Enjoy nature by going on a hike up to Big Brother lookout but watch out for wildlife! Go on a dolphin watching river cruise, have a barbeque party on a boat! There are so many activities but the main point is for you to stop, breathe and relax.