Hello again, Ho Chi Minh!


I’ve been a terrible tourist in Vietnam 🙁 I’ve only been in Ho Chi Minh and around it. I think I do need to go around to the non urban places in Vietnam – but while I’m here and these are the times and places afforded to me, I shall make the best of it and maximise!

For this trip, I went around the different places in District 1. I also did some other “exploratory” trips but that’s reserved for another time. For this particular post, I want to show you the three different places in HCN’s District 1 that most tourists go to

  1. Opera House – Great Architecture! See the show! It’s like Cirque de Soleil but with bamboo.
  2. Post Office – You can send your letters and postcards AND go shopping!
  3. Gothic Cathedral – Just right across the Post Office and lots of interesting cafes and restaurants around it