If there’s something else you’d like to do outside of the casinos and clubs in Las Vegas, you can book a tour to the Grand Canyon. There are several ways you can experience the Grand canyon however I do strongly recommend The Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour.

Yes, it’s in capitals. That’s because it is that awesome. It is pricey but trust me, it’s worth the money!

I will not deprive you of options though. There are other ways of doing the tour – there’s the most common, which is the bus/coach tour with a sky walk. This is the cheapest option however it will take you almost 12 hours just to do the tour. If you have a lot of time to spare and don’t mind the pace, then this is a good option for you. Then there’s the whole shebang – helicopter, boat and bus. It’s a good option too if you’re into experiencing the whole tamale – not good for those who don’t like to be in confined spaces too much. Then there’s the badass helicopter tour.

There are a lot of companies in Las Vegas that offer heli tours. We highly recommend Serenity Helicopters. First off, they are very highly recommended on TripAdvisor and Yelp. The service they give is First Class from start to finish! The thing that got me was that they treat every customer with such care and concern because as employees, that’s what they’re used to. I would full out support any company who makes their employees feel awesome because that translates to the kind of service that they give the customers/clients as well.

They pick you up from your hotel in a Mercedes Benz limo van (yes, very posh) that is fitted with ipads on the individual seats so that you can entertain yourself and browse the internet while you travel to the hangar. You also have your chilled bottle of water and some mints too. Matt, our driver was very friendly and chatty without being too obtrusive.

Seeing the Grand Canyon from above

There is a lot to be said about seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. The mere fact that this mega structure is all natural and was underwater before is already impressive. But to see it from above? That’s even more impressive! We zoomed past the Hoover dam and Lake Mead and finally, went up, around and down the Grand Canyon! I like how they took into consideration every single detail – like musical scoring!

Our tour included a light lunch and drinks at the bottom of the West Rim of the canyon, allowing you to see, in 360 degrees, just how small you are compared to everything.

I wish I can fully expound with words what it felt like but honestly, there are no words. It’s one of those experiences that you get to immerse yourself in and just can’t explain. You’re reduced to the statement “You have to be there”

Things to remember/consider

First off, it’s really hot. What do you expect? It’s a desert. So, hydrate and put on some sunblock. It may also be advisable to plan your trip there during the cooler season. Summer is very popular but it is extremely hot – take it from a woman who lives in a hot place.

Wear comfortable and loose clothing. Yes, it is very tempting to wear a perfect OOTD ensemble but it’s really really hot out there so I strongly suggest that you wear comfortable clothing. It doesn’t have to be potato sacks but maybe you can leave your heels and gowns at the hotel.

You aren’t allowed any bags or luggage on board for safety reasons. They will gladly keep your items safe in a locker and give it back to you when you come back. Don’t insist on bringing your bag, please. Just listen and comply. Your phone and small camera will be allowed. They will take footage of your trip anyway and for 40 bucks, you can take it home.

There aren’t any bathrooms or toilets in the landing area so make sure you go do your business before you fly out. If you really need to go, the whole place is your toilet. Just watch out for snakes.

Book early. It pays to have your trip booked and planned early – on the date that you want, on the time that you want. Don’t put it off for the last minute.

Double Thumbs Up for Serenity Helicopters

If you want to go and do the tour, there are several companies who offer it. Well, if you walk down the strip, you’ll get people trying to sell you the tours. I do strongly suggest that you book with Serenity Helicopters. They are amazing! Art, our pilot is only 29 years old and has been flying for 10 years! The service is excellent, the facilities are impressive and the whole experience was just brilliant from start to finish. Check out their Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter